Sunday, 1 January 2012

Recover NTFS Partition selected as Swap Partition

During installation of Ubuntu, it simply asks you to provide a partition for swap.Thats when you mark a fully loaded NTFS partition as swap.

When you check Windows, bam the drive disappeared.Don't lose your hopes now there are many ways to recover your data back.

Now here is one such method.
But you need to have enough free space in your hard disk (Much more than the capacity of the partition you are trying to recover).If not, an external hard disk would do.

1) Disable the swap partition

To disable all the swap partitions on your computer you can use the following command in the terminal.

sudo swapoff –a

2) Convert the swap partition to NTFS

a) Gain administrative privilege by typing the following in the terminal
sudo su

b) Then type cfdisk

c) Select the partition with file system type Linux Swap then select Type and press Enter.

d) Then press any key followed by typing 7 (for NTFS) and press Enter.

e) Select Write.

3) Use Recover My Files or some other recovery software to retrieve the files.

Use Recover My Files from Windows to search and save all your lost files to another drive.



  1. Thank u, I made all steps as u said above, and my hidden partition appear but when i tried to open it, a message say I have to format it first, so I format it as i move all my data on it to another partition?

    1. I'm sorry but if you have formatted it then your data is gone...Didn't you use any software(Recover My Files,Pandora Recovery...) to get the data back after converting to NTFS?