Tuesday, 3 January 2012

How to Schedule Torrents in Ubuntu

Hi friends, I have already given a tutorial on Scheduling Torrents in Windows but what about Linux.Here it is.


Bittorrent client (Eg:Deluge), Scheduled Tasks linux application (Get both from Synaptics Package Manager)

1) Disable the password prompts

Open Terminal and type

sudo visudo

Then find the following line

%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL

and change it to


Then press ctrl-x and save it.

2) Scheduling torrents

Open Scheduled Tasks and create 3 tasks.

a) For connecting to internet, command : sudo pon dsl-provider
b) For disconnecting, command : sudo poff dsl-provider
c) For shutdown, command : sudo shutdown -h +1

Here +1 means computer shutdowns when 1 min has passed after running the task.(You can stop the shutdown by pressing ctrl-c)

Deluge Scheduling (Optional)

Deluge comes with simple Scheduler features that you can access through the Preferences. In Deluge, go to Edit > Preferences > Plugins, then find Scheduler. Tick the box next to "Scheduler" and install plugin.Then access Scheduler from sidebar.You'll see a grid of green boxes light up. The grid runs Monday through Sunday, midnight to midnight (or 0:00 to 23:59), one box per hour. Here's how it works:

    * Dark green boxes indicate that Deluge will download and upload at full speed (or whatever you've set as its full speed).
    * Yellow green boxes indicate limited download and upload rates.
    * Red boxes indicate that Deluge will not download or upload any content.

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